Best Travel apps for Windows Phone

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 8:01am by Ajay Singh

Travelling brings a lot of fun and adventure to one’s life. To add more to your fun you can try some special travelling apps for all the travelers out there. There are many travel apps available in Windows Phone store and today we are going to share some of the best travel apps for Windows Phone.


My Trips

The first app which makes to our list is My Trips. Tripit or My Trip is one of the best companions in the form of a Windows mobile app for travelers. The app will scan all your e-mails which you used for making your hotel, flight, reservations and will create a personalized itinerary for you for your ease which will help you in making a memorable journey. You can easily create your account on the website and download the app on Windows Phone for using it. The app is available for $1.99 at Windows Phone Store.

Download My Trips


You might have user Cortana, the preinstalled virtual assistant for Windows Phone. All the Windows 8.1 phone users can use Cortana for tracking their flight details. Allowing Cortana to scan your e-mails for your future trips will help you in tracking your flights and will also remind you about your upcoming trips. Cortana is pre-installed in all Windows 8.1 mobile phones.


You are visiting a new country and are wondering what the specialties are of that place. Use the Foursquare to find the best restaurants around you. You can get the best places to eat around you using Foursquare. Leave feedbacks of the places you paid a visit so other people can find out the reviews about that place. You can also follow your friends, other users on Foursquare. Foursquare is available for free at Windows Phone Store.

Download Foursquare


There are times when you are visiting a foreign country whose language you are not familiar with. In these situations other than hiring a translator you can use an app called translator available in Windows Phone Store. You can easily translate from one language to another using text, audio, video, camera etc. The app is available for free at Windows Phone Store and is developed by Bing.

Download Translator

Hotel Tonight

You will come across a lot of hotel apps in Windows Phone Store and Hotel Tonight is one of these apps. The app comes with flexible travel plans and is ideal for last minute hotel bookings. The app doesn’t allow you to book hotels like a month ago and you can only book hotels a week before your stay and save a couple of bucks using Hotel Tonight. Hotel Tonight is available for free at Windows Phone Store.

Download Hotel Tonight

Flight Aware

The last app which makes to our list is Flight Aware. Flight aware helps you in tracking your flights by using a unique tracking system. You can easily track flights by using the flight code, aircraft registration, airport code, and city pair in Flight aware. The app is available for free at Windows Phone Store.

Download Flight Aware

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