How to take screenshot in Windows Phone 8.1

Posted on May 9 2015 - 11:14pm by Ajay Singh

If you are new to Windows Phone it might be tricky for you if you want to take a simple screenshot of the home screen of your device. It is very easy if you want to take screenshot of your Windows Phone 8.1. By taking a screenshot you can easily capture your current Facebook feed, show off your home screen to your friends and much more. Microsoft has made it very easy to take screenshot with Windows Phone 8.1.


If you want to take screenshot on your Windows Phone 8.1 you simply have to hold the power button and Volume Up key at the same time. If you are not able to time both the buttons together simply hold the Volume up key and then press the power button.

When you hear a shutter sound it means that your device has successfully taken a screenshot of the current screen. All the screenshots which you will take with this method will be stored in the Photos hub of your phone. From the photos hub you can share, edit, delete or do whatever you want to do with the captured screenshot.

If your Windows Phone is running on an older version of Windows Phone 8 and your device is not updated to Windows Phone 8.1 you can simply press the start button and the power button at the same time which will take a screenshot for you.

In this way you can easily take screenshot on your Windows Phone 8.1

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